Wright And Partners is a values-based organisation and one of our core values is contribution. We believe we make a very positive contribution to our clients and candidates through our search work and we also enjoy making a contribution to our local and global community. Wright And Partners gives time and a percentage of company profits to the following charitable activities.

World Society for the Protection of Animals
WSPA is the world's largest federation of animal welfarists, with a growing network of over 600 member societies in more than 130 countries. WSPA has 13 offices and hundreds of thousands of supporters worldwide.

With consultative status at both the United Nations and the Council of Europe, WSPA is building a united global animal welfare movement to further their vision of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends.

WSPA supports and implements animal welfare programmes including campaigning, educational work and direct aid.

WSPA has had a huge impact on preventing cruelty to bears around the
world and has been instrumental in the successful campaign to limit whaling.
For more information on WSPA, visit their website at

Pavement Club, Mumbai, India
The Pavement Club welcomes the street children of Mumbai who have no family and only the clothes they stand in into a safe place for a day.

For a day at least they can wash themselves and their clothes, get medical care, play and have a proper meal.

These children are told that they are loved and are given help to build their sense of self-worth. In 1991 an Elementary School was started to provide basic education and skills to help these youngsters have a fighting chance in life.

The Pavement Club is financed entirely by private donors and Wright And Partners is proud to be a modest contributor.

For more information on the Pavement Club and School, visit their website at

Basket Case
Since 1999 Wright And Partners has provided Christmas Baskets for families in need in London. We have worked with Hackney Borough Council to give baskets with festive food and presents for the children which are delivered by us to the families a few days before Christmas.


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